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t decide◆d what they expe◆ct to get from the ●deal. The offer〓s are usually ○blind," Ch●en said.Following○ this summer's repo●rts that fou〓r

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Chinese business●men will buy● a

n unspecified〓 stake in the Fren●ch fashion ◆comp

any Pierre◆ Cardin, anal◆ysts were q

ui●ck to ask whe●ther the bu〓yers had the ex◆per

tise to revi●ve the luxury brand.

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llow the ●Chinese buyers to●

take over the bra■nd and all busin〓ess in China.Follo●wing the news■, a survey on ○ report○ed that 78.2 perc●ent of Chi〓nese consumer〓s polled said th○ey would not buy Pi●erre Cardin products◆ af

ter the takeo■ver.None of thi○s has slowe○d outbound M&■A activities● by China's 〓State-owned and〓 privately ow〓ned enterprises.New● Jack Sewing Machi■ne, a privately own○ed Chinese sewi●ng machine provider〓 from East Ch○ina's Zhe

jiang prov●ince, took ove●r

two German sewin〓g machine c●ompanies in mid-Jul○y at a cost of 45 m○illion yuan.◆The deal is Chi●na's first acquis〓ition of overseas co〓mpanies in t◆he sewing machin●e sector.The deal● follows a〓 series of first●

s in other ●industries in 〓recent months.I〓n early June,○ Tengzhong, a Chengd〓u-based indus■trial mach◆inery maker, reac〓hed an agree●ment with General Mo◆tors Corp to b●uy the rights to ●its Hummer